Getting ready for your interview
Please remember to bring the following items with you to your appointment, we may not be able to hire you without them.
1. Drivers license/ID/Residence card
If you have lost or don't have your identification, you can click here to find a local MVD to get a replacement.
2. Social Security Card
If you have lost or don't have your Social Security card, you can click here to find the closest Social Security Administration office or you can click here to to apply online to get a replacement.
3. Three references
We need (3) personal/professional references to hire you.
4. Bank account & routing numbers for direct deposit
You can call your bank to get that information or you can void a personal check and bring it in.
5. Finger Print Card, CPR/1st Aid, DCW, Tuberculosis Test
If it is your first time providing services we will walk you through the processes and get you all the required training and certifications. If you are already providing services at another agency you can bring your existing documents and not have to be recertified or take the classes over. If you have lost your Finger Print Clearance card you can click here to request a replacement.

Item Cost
Fingerprint Clearance Card $67
CPR/First Aid $35(cash)
TB Skin Test $25(cash)

6. Tax Forms
We need a completed W-4 and A-4 you can fill them out when you come in for your interview, however some people like to take their time or consult an accountant or friend, if that is what you would like to do you can click here for a fillable PDF W-4 form, and click here for a fillable PDF A-4 form, please fill them out and bring them with you to your appointment.
Need to reschedule?
If you are unable to make your original appointment please contact our us as possible. You can contact us at (602) 795-0222
Your interview will be held at our office at the Garden Commons Corporate Center
Phone: (602) 795-0222